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Lost Car Keys

However you try to avoid it, sometimes we seem to lose our car keys. As if they grow a mind of their own and take a trip off. Drivers tend to look for them in the most rare places; yesterday pockets or underneath the bed. Sometimes we are lucky to find them and other times though, they are nowhere to be found. At times like this, a replacement key is mandatory.

Lost Car Keys Houston TX Two decade ago a lost key could easily be reproduced at almost any hardware store, at the dealership or at locksmith shop and purchasing a spare key could be done with the absence of the vehicle. Back then, auto keys could be generated with relative ease. Unfortunately, the simple process of key making became an easy target for car thieves. Hundreds of thousands of vehicle were stolen back in the 90's, because their locks and keys had no security feature to deal with theft. In modern cars, digital key technology make theft very difficult, but this advanced system is the main reason for the high cost getting replacement car keys.

If you lost or broken your car key, please read about some likely costs you might expect to pay. These quotes were gotten from car dealers in few main cities in America. Please take into consideration that an hour of labor costs approximately 100$, but might change according to the vehicle model, years, the condition of the locks and the car computer.

Basic metal balde keys

Prior to the 1995 most car keys contains no electronic parts and could easily copy just like a house key by cutting the same cuts and groves of the original key. The simple design of the key makes it very easy for a locksmith to produce a key replacement in case you lose your car key. Although some vehicle from that time could employ a key fob to unlock and lock the doors, there is no unti-theft mechanism in the key and duplication or a lost key can be solved without having the vehicle on site.

Transponder keys

transponder key

The use of electronic keys with advanced safety features began in the mid 90's. Cars makers began to arm vehicles with a transponder chip hidden in the key head. This new key and functionality made cars more protected against car theft. The transponder chip communicates with the car computer (ECU) via RF signal to authenticate the key. If the key is not recognize by the car, the immobiliser will prevent the car from start and might locked for couple of minutes.

Laser cut keys

In addition to the advancement in digital keys technology is the laser cut key. Some car manufacturers like Volkswagen, BMW, Honda, Kia, Hyundai and many others make use of these quite distinct keys. Their shins are a little bit wider and have less grooves on it surface. The cutter and equipment needed to cut this type of key is quite expensive than traditional key. For this reason, a laser cut key it is rarely replicated at a hardware store.

Switchblade key

flip key One more type of car key is the switch blade also called flip-key. This key combines convenience, security and cost effectiveness. The metal blade key is folded into the remote shell when not in use. Many flip-keys are designed in way that they may be purchased separately empty with a space to transfer the old transponder chip. The structure of the flip key makes it cheaper and easier to repair the key. If on of the components of the key got damaged it will be possible to get replacement parts online and simply replace the problematic part.

Smart key

key fob Smart keys come in all shape, size and colors. Smart keys are basically designed like a remote with few buttons without a shank, so the remote clicker is actually the key (keyless entry). The keyless device technologically uses electronic signal to automatically unlock/lock the doors and the ignition. While carrying the key in his pocket, a driver can enter the car and start it without even toutching the key.

Better Safe than Sorry

Losing or breaking your car keys isn't a pleasant experience. The stress and expense involved in trying to get a replacement key can be wearisome especially when there is an emergency need. Therefore it is important for any vehicle owner to mitigate these situation by getting a duplicate key ahead of time. The best option will be to get the spare key cut and programmed long before the emergency condition to enable full advantage cost effective alternative at your disposal. If you are looking for a Lost car key service by AffordableKeyReplacement.


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  • Believe it or not, but while other areas of the security services (e.g. door staff, and firefighting, access control or even keyholding companies) are governed and licensed, the industry of automotive locksmithing is not regulated in any way by the USA government. This means that any estaplishment or a person can trade as a lock-smith irrespective of their background, competence and even motive. For this reason AffordableKeyReplacement is using private licensing scheme for approved companies who met 3 key criteria; Harris county criminal records bureau’s check, regular inspection checking audit trails for quality purposes and employing qualified locksmiths.
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