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March 27 2016

What is a key fob

Do you have a small plastic controller that came with your key? Does your key have a large plastic component attached to the key itself? Even though it can look like a large keychain, it is actually much more than that...

March 22 2016

How to get reibustment in the event of a stolet or a lost car key

Even though modern car keys are not so small like they used to be, they are still small enough to be kept in our pockets, hands or purses. This is the reason why so many people forget where they have left their keys. In situations like this, it may take some time before the car owner remembers where their keys are...

March 17 2016

What is car keyless entry?

A car keyless entry system (RKS) is an electric lock that controls access and staring of a vehicle without the physical contact of a mechanical key...

March 10 2016

Find a local car dealer

Need a duplicate key? have a time to spent at ther dealership and want a good price for good quality key and full warranty on parts and labor...

March 2 2016

What is a transponder key?

Most of today's vehicles come with highly advanced key styles then you may be used to. Top manufacturers like Ford, Chrysler, Chevrolet and BMW are now all using some type of transponder key...