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Knowing exactly where to go when you need to buy a new car can sometimes be a pain; you often waste time going to dealers that don't have the car you want. Ultimately, it can be hard to find the best car dealers in the area and you have to ask around all your friends to see where they went and the process is a rather long and drawn out one. However, we have 5 fantastic sites for you so will you have no trouble whatsoever.

Auto Trader

autotrader.comThis is a great site whenever you need to buy a new or used car as you can search by location, by city and even by credit level. Just a couple of clicks and you will be able to find all the nearby locations of your desired car. In addition to this, you will also find a ton of useful information including a finance calculator, car reviews and car tips...


carfax.comCarfax is packed with a healthy inventory of cars meaning that you can search by location or make to see what is on the market. On top of this, you will also find a good amount of car dealers as well as car guides and a number of useful articles relating to the maintenance of your vehicle. Every listing also comes with a ‘carfax report’ which allows you to see the car’s history whether it is the amount of owners or oil changes that you are interested in...


cars.comThis is one of the most popular and perhaps well-known sites for cars as it is a marketplace for vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Whether you want to search by area or by model, this website will have everything you could possibly want or need. You will be able to find dealers nearby as well as put your own car up for sale using their listings page...

Kelley Blue Book

kbb.comWith a long history having been around since 1926, KBB provides you with a great opportunity to search for cars through your zip code or by model. Furthermore, if you needed any help with deciding on what car to purchase, you will find a number of helpful reviews and top 10s/awards on their easy-to-use site. As well as finding vehicle history reports, you will also be able to find your local dealers...


ally.comServing over 17,000 dealers, Ally is the place to be if you are looking for new cars or vehicles through financing. After first opening in 1919, Ally allows you to find a vehicle for sale or for lease in your area that are trustworthy as all dealers have a partnership with Ally themselves. Whether you need a vehicle for you or for your business, Ally will help get you started by offering a number of different financial options through either buying or leasing...